React-Front End Developer (Offshore-WFO), technopark jobs

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Job Title: React-Front End Developer (Offshore-WFO), technopark jobs
Company: Infospica Consultancy Services
Location: 2301, Third Floor, Yamuna, Phase-III, Technopark, Trivandrum, 695583
Closing Date: 20 June 2024
Job Published: 28 May 2024
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Brief Description:
Infospica Consultancy Services is seeking a React-Front End Developer (Offshore-WFO) to join our team. The candidate must have expertise in React, React Hooks, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Responsibilities include independently completing daily iteration requirements, analyzing and delivering weekly iteration requirements, maintaining existing systems, cooperating with team members, and completing assigned tasks.

Mandatory Skills:

  • React, React Hooks, JavaScript, CSS, HTML


  1. Independently complete daily iteration requirements, analysis, and properly deliver weekly iteration requirements.
  2. Complete the maintenance work of existing systems and quickly get started with the code without introducing additional problems.
  3. Cooperate properly with other team members and complete tasks through communication.
  4. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

Preferred Skills:
Job Qualification Skill Sets:

  1. Master JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and React front-end framework, including various hooks of React function components.
  2. Restore 100% of the UI design draft and consider various compatibility issues when implementing web page layout.
  3. Handle compatibility issues on the H5 side, as well as compatibility issues on the web side with mainstream browsers like Safari and Chrome.
  4. Have a solid foundation in JavaScript, write maintainable code, and understand the asynchronous and event loop of the browser.
  5. Demonstrate motivation and enthusiasm for learning, quickly accept new knowledge, and have the ability to learn rapidly
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